capybyra (capybyra) wrote in alt_tasteless,

Glub hath visited my formerly sexy panties with his bounteous gifts of bloody diarrhea. Puked too.

ThenAgain, There's liable to be someone who finds the idea of a fiftymumbleyearoldude's sexiest purple lace panties loaded with bloody diarrhea as simply too hot to NOT Fap over. With Puke as a bonus for those it appeals to. Reportage Vs fabrication is one of my curses., The things of reality in my life are scarier than my imagined ones.

Oh- I admit to a certain er..Stylistic Grace, yet- Truth is more than good enough for Testament's to Glub. And I sung his praises to the sink during some grim efforts at prolapsing my entire lower guts.  Top Guts being pushed down as reaction to that retching whole stomach convulsive with bowel resonances pukespasms. I'd thought how tragic my not surviving  to post this would have been and mayhaps it kept me alive to testify ?

Ah well- at least Ace can glow that I thought of her whilst singing to the sink.

The purple panties were amusing coincidence as well- I was low on laundry and wifey was with her fambly.  I shamelessly used the alone time to get more En Femme than I have in a while too. Press on nails, haul out the good breast forms, HOURS On makeup just to see if I'd  still pass- even if only  in bad light- Did not risk it so went in drab but femme under it all .  It was late and the booth was taking down but had some stuff left. Wife does not like those venues. I do.

That explained my eating takeaway of sorts she dasn't eat. It was Kebab from a Westport KC street Vendor. Their booth simply screamed several subliminal messages of scent and visuals:

"Either this will taste orgasmic or it will kill you. True on the first and almost on the second.  

I'd gotten a case of food poisoning AGAIN. One more dodgy takeaway meal. Resulted in the level of abdominal hell feeling as Glub was being literally birthed feet first into my small intestine. Followed several times by the sensation of Glub sized masses going  POP the same way thru my illeocecal valve. Needless to say that this was one of those sweating,gasping, weirdly masoerotic rides that either you are nodding at or are declaring me uniquely fucked in the head. As if you fiends dasnt know that already?

Well- I'd fallen asleep on the much abused mercifully Naugahide ancient dispatch chair at my 'puter desk- and woke up feeling as if perhaps gifted with an unmedicated HARD LABOR level of contractions. Now... I openly admit to daydreams of labor etc. And having had fond memories of orgasms from enema cramps. This however- this was *PAIN* of near hurts worse than mere death.

And it went on for a long time. I've "Mostly Recovered" and have not seen any blood since.

Oh-  I was edgy about risking an enema to finish the emptying but  I figured either  I was dead already or it might help end the misery faster. Beside- me dying during an enema would be only fitting, Eh?

And that explains my losing a huge chunk of weekend- to a few hours ago. Gatorade and a shower- and one more enema has me feeling sorta alive again.  But the undies/ my green pleated skirt and those cheap fabric gymshoes  I wore as my odd style dissonance all are binned as too bloody shat on to salvage.  Chair was wiped off as it's too comfy to waste.  I was too sore to even think of a tampon-So I put on a diaper... giggle.  
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